Kitchen Layout

Types of Kitchen Layouts

Different types of designs can fit different people kitchen needs. With their variations, the layouts can serve different purposes and fit different space. Below is a list of kitchen layout that you can easily choose from according to your requirements.

L- Shaped layout

This is one of the most popular kitchen layouts today. It comes with a central island and fits well into a multipurpose kitchen. Although the design works well with a more spacious room; it has different variations that making it easy to fit in most styles.

U shaped layout

This layout fits best for busy cooks as it keeps everything easy to reach. It is also called C shaped kitchen layout, and it includes a peninsula. The refrigerator is mostly found outside the U away from any potential counter but it still inside the work triangle.

I shaped kitchen

This is one of the most straightforward layouts that offers an excellent solution for the small spaced kitchen. Because if its single wall setup, it brings simplicity, and it is very affordable. You can easily find the layout in small apartments and open lofts.

Appliance layout

A layout with the kitchen work triangle is often considered as the excellent kitchen layout. Moreover, while it is good to focus on the triangle layout, it’s also better to look for a kitchen design that works best for you. The appliance layout offers the solution to this, where you can make sure the route between your work centers direct.

Universal design layout

The universal design is guided by one principle of making the space comfortable for anyone to use. This is a great layout especially for the kitchens with high traffic areas and for people of different ages and abilities. Learn how to plan the perfect kitchen layout.